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People who have previously had to arrange care are often eager to share their knowledge and experience with those who are starting their journey.

There is nothing more reassuring than speaking to someone who has “been through it before” and it can be a great comfort knowing you are not alone at this potentially stressful time.

Have you had to arrange care before? Can you offer any advice or share your knowledge with those who need it?

If you need help or simply wish to tell your story, please don’t hesitate to post below. Remember, people want to listen and are keen to help if they can.

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  • How can I support my mother who takes care of dad affected by dementia?

    My 73-year-old father has been unwell for several years. Initially, we thought it was Parkinson's, but a few months ago it was confirmed that he has got dementia. My mom is his primary caregiver. He is very disabled at this point, and it's taking a toll on my mom. He is mostly bedridden.

    My mother is also aged, she is 70 years old. She is not getting enough sleep. I live a little far away from the house and try to visit at least once a week to help run errands. But, I have got 2 small children to take care of. I'm super worried for my mom, and wish I could do more! I need ideas for where to start looking for options my mom might be comfortable with. Internet searches are leaving me overwhelmed! Any suggestions you might have would be so appreciated! I am incredibly new to all of this and have no idea where to begin.

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    Having been a carer myself I totally understand where you are coming from. It is a very stressful time and I think by showing your Mom support on a daily basis, even if it is an allocated time for a phone call will, I'm sure give her a little break. Having a weekly call from a carer or 30 mins an evening may help if the take care of some of your Dad's care needs that would give your Mom a break?? However, I'm sure you are there, more than you think, for your Mom and she probably relies on you for moral support. Keep your chin up and stay strong, I'm sure you and your Mom are doing a great job.



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